Beach clean-up with 4ocean
Haiti Sailing Cup and the local fishermen in partnership with 4ocean ( did a beach clean up in Haiti and collected more than 200 pounds of trash.

The clean up was located in Cap-Haitian, Haiti and was made in partnership with the local community and fishermen.

4ocean is a global movement actively removing trash from the ocean and coastlines while inspiring individuals to work together for cleaner oceans, one pound at a time.

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A fishermen's village
The fisherman of Cap Haitian live in a mix of new and old, of work and play. The same beach where they build their boats is also the seashore where they live.

The construction of their boats follows a design that is over 300 years old. They are built on the shore, using few tools and fastenings. Created by hand by experienced self-made builders. The fairing of the boat is done by eye. There is no large scale machinery used here. Sails are constructed from any rags the fisherman can find. As you look up the hill next to the seashore, you can see several houses, haphazardly stacked along the curve of the hill. The beach of is not a white sand beach of relaxation, it’s a beach that shows a life of hard work with bits of boat parts strewn around the beach....

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Paris of the Antilles
A brief history

During the mid-1700s, Cap-Haitien (also known as Le Cap and Okap) was reported to have been France’s wealthiest colonial city. It was famous for its beautiful architecture and was, accordingly, dubbed the Paris of the Antilles. Cap-Haïtien, originally called Cap Francais and then Cap Christophe, is the second largest city in Haiti, currently approaching to one million people

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