Beach clean up
Beach clean-up with 4ocean
Haiti Sailing Cup and the local fishermen in partnership with 4ocean ( did a beach clean up in Haiti and collected more than 200 pounds of trash.

The clean up was located in Cap-Haitian, Haiti and was made in partnership with the local community and fishermen.

4ocean is a global movement actively removing trash from the ocean and coastlines while inspiring individuals to work together for cleaner oceans, one pound at a time.

About 4ocean and its commitment to Haiti

"We first identified the entire Haitian coast as a high-impact area, or an area where lots of plastic and trash enter the ocean. These are areas where our cleanup efforts will make the biggest difference for the ocean and the local community. As a starting point to facilitate our cleanup efforts in and around the Caribbean, we’ve opened our newest Cleanup Division in Port-au-Prince, Haiti."

"Our primary goal is to clean the plastic and trash already polluting Haiti by focusing on river mouths where we can intercept and recover it before it enters the ocean. We’re partnering with a privately-held recycling facility in Port-au-Prince to ensure that the ocean plastic we recover is properly recycled and the other marine debris we collect is disposed of properly, too. We’re also creating and joining local awareness programs to help educate affected communities about the impacts plastic has on the ocean and their local environment. By sharing these impacts, we can help change behaviors and prevent more plastic and trash from entering the ocean.

Haiti Sailing Cup welcomes the opportunity to partner with 4ocean in the Cap Haitien beaches


Beach clean up with 4Ocean