Our Mission

Haiti Sailing Cup

Haiti Sailing Cup was created with the specific vision of one individual wanting to not only promote the activities of the surrounding areas of the Cap-Haïtien bay but also to assist the fishermen who day after day take the long journey with their measly sails out to sea for the day's catch hoping that they will go out far enough to bring back a profitable and generous bounty. Thus Haiti Sailing Cup was founded. Its mission is to better organize these fishermen and boost the economic and social exchange in our community. This is achieved through the support of sponsors by participating in the renovating and staffing of new sails as well as supplying marine accessories for these sailboats that will enable our fishermen to venture farther into the ocean for their fishing needs, thereby giving them the opportunity to contribute and profit into the economic system of the country.

Corporate Supporters

Haiti Sailing Cup initiative also provides corporate supporters with an opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of the fishermen. Your sponsorship will not only benefit the fishermen but will also provide a showcase for your business every time those fishermen are out to sea which is from sunset to sundown. The display of colors on the bay when those fishermen are out is truly a magnificent sight to see. Brighter sails and freshly painted boats will bring about an embellishment to the bay and to their livelihood.

Holding a parade and a friendly race amongst the different sails is how Haiti Sailing Cup launches its yearly event. It is The Premier Sailboat Race of the Caribbean, not just Haiti.

A unique race

That race is unique as our fishermen are truly incredible sailors. Their boats are made and hewed out of native materials, and they must depend upon each other both to launch and beach their boats which are powered only by their handmade sails. They do not possess a keel, nor a centerboard, nor a dagger board, nor a leeboard to counteract the force of the wind but must use their own body weight in coordinated movements to tack and control their boats. A truly unique technique that has been used for years which most sailors of today no longer practice Our first Premier Sailboat Parade Race was held in October 2014 on the Boulevard in Cap-Haïtien and then again in December of that same year. The year of 2018 brought even more fishermen, and we were elated by the sponsors and other organizations that decided to join in our great cause. The many sailboats on the bay brought about a friendly competitive and mocked race amongst the fishermen and their sponsors. Many activities were held, amongst them one in particular in collaboration with 4Ocean, brought out many people of the community together, young and old, unified in the cause to clean-up the beach. An Incredible sight!!!! This organization is making a true impact on its community.

We have already more than 15 fishermen and are looking for more sponsors for this year's event.

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Fatima boat